Monday, September 23, 2013

Early mornings

It's currently 5:30 am and I'm sitting in our dark living room holding a sleeping baby. He woke at 4:00 and drank his bottle and would not go back to sleep. At 4:30 I put him in bed thinking he'd fuss a few minutes and be out (and thinking I was done sleeping in the recliner most mornings). He did stop fussing after a few minutes but then it was several off and cry out, several off and cry out. I went in, patted and soothed, and left again...probably making things worse for myself. I decided to take a shower because between bursts of crying and the child who had crawled into bed with my husband and left me not the amount of space I like to have I knew I wouldn't get much sleep. So, I was showered and dressed before 5:00. I can honestly say it was my first year of teaching the last time that happened. I had planned on using this time to be productive and clean before everyone woke up and it was time to get ready for school, etc. Instead I'm enjoying the cuddles that come with holding a sleeping baby that's growing too quickly.

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