Monday, February 25, 2013


My children love all sorts of art, but H is becoming a great little artist now that he's in school. He has to draw pictures for homework and as a beginning for his writing. Since the first time he did his homework I have pictures that he's drawn that I've kept or taken a picture of so I could remember how quickly his abilities have changed and how his little brain works. Here are some recent pictures he did on last week's homework. All of them make me smile.

1. He is usually asked to draw something that begins with (or sometimes contains) the focus letter. This weeks letter was the "ñ." He chose to draw a unicorn piñata that he'd seen on another page of his homework.

Another page required him to write "tengo" to complete the sentences, read the sentences, and then circle two of them and illustrate.

2. Yo tengo un gato. - He didn't want to draw himself. When I explained that he had to because it meant "I have a cat" he drew himself small and mad because I gave him a cat that was too big.

3. Yo tengo un regalo. - He had to go in depth on this one. He drew the gift (a wheel) and put it in a box in Santa's bag. Then he drew Santa and an elf (while explaining that the elf is small because they are small). After that he drew himself with the present wrapped and then the wheel outside of the box because he had opened it. AWESOME!

4. He loves Wild Kratts. So, he drew himself outside on the back patio as a bat eared fox. I don't think there is anything better than that, except that he drew a really sweet picture of the little girl who was visiting us (the shadow made the picture hard to see because I used my phone) and then made himself smaller than her as a bat eared fox.

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