Monday, March 11, 2013

6 months

W is 6 months old today. It's hard to believe that at this time 6 months ago I was sitting in a hospital room waiting for Husband to return and having my own little panic attack that I wasn't ready for another c-section (wasn't too worried about the baby at that time, just getting him out). Now, he's here and he is growing so quickly. He is currently 14 lbs. 10 oz. and 26.5 in. long. He loves his food and thinks that if we are eating he should be too. He's had applesauce, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, yellow squash, green beans, green zucchini (not his favorite), beans, and avocados. And now, here is a plethora of fun pictures I took of him today.

He currently loves his toes!
Love that I got this shot.

So focused on what his brothers are doing.

with H
Not much sweeter than seeing his brother (J) try and comfort him.

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