Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy, tired, thankful, and maybe a little over the top

I adore my children. They are wonderful and amazing. Here is only a small list of why each one is awesome.

- he's learning Spanish (and he's bringing it home which I love)
- he's trying to sound out words and read them
- he loves his brothers and can be very sweet with them
- sometimes he picks his outfits based on how they match his underwear
 - he wants every child in the world to have jello, and he's willingly to be the person who makes it and gives it to them

- he loves each of his brothers and he shows it in different ways
- he has a smile that makes me melt
- he loves books
- he still likes to be held
- he wants to be more independent (getting dressed and putting on his own seatbelt)
- he colors inside the lines (and has for a while now)

- he always wants to know where his brothers are and will ask
- he's a klutz and doesn't let that stop him from doing things I think he shouldn't do, like climb
- he doesn't often smile for pictures, so most pictures of him with big smiles are pictures of real smiles
- he doesn't care about coloring in the lines
- he knows the color black
- he loves and looks adorable in them

- he's two months old (9.5 weeks to be exact)
- he puts himself to sleep
- he doesn't use formula 99% of the time
- he's beautiful (and sometimes reminds me of a cabbage patch doll)
- he doesn't talk back, get into things he shouldn't, etc (I know the day is.coming but I'm treasuring that it isn't right now)
- he's a cuddler

 So, that's just part of why my boys are awesome. I never pictured myself a mother of four boys age 5 and under, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can't say I've felt this amorous about it all day. They have exasperated and worn me out, but that's what they do. I still love them, and sleeping boys are so peaceful and perfect looking it makes it easy to forget the bad and remember the good.

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