Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Four

One kick, it was small, but it was there. That was last week. I haven't felt anything since, but I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when things should begin to pick up and I should be feeling more baby reminders.

Yesterday was my appointment. I'm 17 weeks. Everything looked great, both on my end and on the baby's end. Growth is good, the heartbeat was good, it was moving. I say it because it was uncooperative when we tried to get an early peak of whether or not to expect a boy or girl. We were assured that there is just one baby with lots of room to grow, no number two or three. As fun as that would have been, I'm ready for the ease of one baby. It will certainly make juggling the three older brothers easier if I have one free hand. Our ultrasound appointment is set up for May 9th. Hopefully Baby 4 will cooperate and we will find out for sure what to expect. I really want time to prepare the boys for what is ahead, and since H is determined it's a boy I want to make sure we have time to help him understand if that is not true. Until then, betting is open for a boy or a girl.

And some pictures of big brothers because they're cute!

H with his hammer and "nail"

G ready to go back to the snow (that's what he told me he wanted to do)

J being cute

Have a great Thursday!

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