Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday's over...Monday is here

The weekend is over. It's back to work (of sorts). I find it funny how it feels like work never ends for me, and it doesn't, but with Husband working weekends normal ideas of time don't seem to apply to our family. The break comes during the week when he's home and can wrestle with the boys. Small moments of sanity for me wrapped up in the chaos of running and wrestling.

I'm struggling with life right now; with my ability to complete the tasks I need to and wanting to do what I want (without much success). I know we make time for what is important, and I'm trying. I don't feel like I'm succeeding much. Right now "I'm trying" is going to have to be enough...

The boys are growing so quickly. H loves to play and read. He wants attention constantly. One of his favorite ways to play is pretending. He makes friends with every kid he meets. G is a Mama's boy. He wants to be held and watch before jumping in and playing. He loves to climb and jump. J is more outgoing (though he has been clingy lately). He willing gives toys to his brothers and S, which is nice to see.

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