Friday, September 30, 2011

The Boys Are Back in Town

My boys are back home. They were only gone for about 36 hours, not TOO long; just enough to be missed and give me a break. They went to visit the multitude of grandparents that live a few hours north of us. I'm glad Husband took the boys, they haven't visited with those grandparents for a few months. I had to stay and babysit, and that's okay. I had a chance to relax, to watch a movie, to get some sewing done, to fold clothes once instead of multiple times before I put them away. I had a chance to get the house looking better (not as good as I could - I was lazy). I had a chance to just be me. I loved my break, but I love my boys more. It feels good to have them all home. I love that I am back to hugs and cuddles. I love that they want me. I love that this house has life in it once more instead of being so quiet.

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