Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random ramblings

I am rocking a tired baby who is fighting it as best he can. G is napping. H and J are not, and today I've decided not to force it. I anticipated having our friends three children here already and I was too busy cleaning up to force nap. I am happy to say that dinner is nearly ready to go. Knowing I would have three extra little ones tonight I prepped it all earlier. Why can't I be this organized every day?! Maybe I'm better today because it seems the only way with seven littles between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. I find I'm still smiling as I think about our family night last night. Everything worked together to make it awesome for our boys: eat at restaurant, play with silly putty while waiting for food, get an individual milkshake instead of sharing, watch TV and cuddle with Daddy on couch, hang out talking and reading books in bedroom before lights out. Yes, they went to bed late, but it was worth it. There were moments that weren't so awesome sprinkled in there, but this is what stands out and what I want to remember. It's also what I'd like to kind of recreate tonight: a perfectly wonderful evening with friends, playing and having fun.

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