Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 weeks

Little W made his appearance two weeks ago. I can hardly believe it has been this long. His brothers adore him and love to hold him. They want to be around him and kissing him all the time. We're working on gentle touches and how to love on babies so that they don't scare him.

He's such a mellow little guy. He likes to eat and sleep, but rarely cries. When he's awake he'll lay in bed (or the floor, or our arms, or "sit" in his fully reclined high chair) and watch all that's going on around him. He tolerates all the noise and crazy of our house so well. Even when he jumps, he doesn't usually fuss. We're settling into a routine, and trying our best to work it around an existing one. Of course, some things can't be rushed and I'm glad we had time with my mom and have time with Husband home to get things fine tuned before we are left on our own, just Mama and four boys, to figure things out.

He prefers to sleep on his tummy, though he doesn't mind his side and sometimes tolerates his back. Even knowing he sleeps longer this way and could possibly give me an even better night's sleep (he does at least one 4 hour stint), I still can't bring myself to let him outside of nap time. Probably because nap time takes place in a cradle in the living room right were I can see him. I don't know how long stopping him from sleeping on his belly will last. He's managed to wiggle his way to his tummy from his side several times now.

Husband did note that he doesn't smile too much (except for in his sleep). He does appear to be more pensive than all the others. I'll attribute that to coming into a chaotic world instead of the more calm and serene of no children or one child the other's had. Regardless, he's sweet and precious and perfect and I am so glad he's here and loved by all, completely accepted into our family by all those around him.

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