Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Friends

Last night was a reception for my sister-friend and her new husband. They got married two Fridays ago (11/11/11) in a small ceremony out of town and were holding a reception for those in our area. It was crowded. So many people wanted to come and congratulate them. I know they were happy to be able to celebrate some more and visit with all those people.

For me, the night was good (poor descriptor, I know). It started at 6pm and Husband had to work, so I was toting 3 hungry boys with me. The ate and found some toys at the party, so it wasn't bad, just effort. The best part though, the part that made me smile the most, was spending some time with another good friend of mine. She was able to leave her little man with his daddy at home and help me out with a couple extra hands. We both dressed similarly (which might seem unimportant until you learn that we both seemed a little more dressed up than most). It was nice to look nice and hang out. She even gave me an early birthday present (a sparkly bracelet). Silly little things but it was so nice. I loved spending time with this friend.

The three of us, my sister-friend, this friend, and myself, were best friends in college. Over time we've all been in different areas of our lives, but we've tried to keep in touch. My sister-friend and I have always been close (relationship, proximity, etc.), but this other friend and I have always been close in a different way. Often times we've lived in different areas of our city and have had conflicting school/work schedules. But whenever we get together, it's like we pick up where we left off, nothing has changed (except maybe our age). Now, at this point in our lives, it's like we're living an almost exact life. We both stay home with our children, our husbands work for the same company (different locations), we deal with the same things. Spending time with her means I have a friend who gets what's going on; she understands so much more of what I'm feeling and vis-a-versa.

While good may not be the best descriptor for last night, I love that it allowed me time to celebrate two wonderful friends in my life, friends who make it better and make me smile.

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